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At first, it was a passion for helping people in Africa. Later, however, both of them lost their pink glasses and the reality of development aid opened their eyes. Doctor Dalibor Stoszek and radio editor Petra Lazáková finally decided to use their experience and knowledge and help a little bit differently. DORRA has launched a meaningful health and education project on the Indonesian island of Lombok. The DORRA team is composed of volunteer doctors and nurses. DORRA currently has 3 surgeries in Lombok and teaches health science in 3 schools. The DORRA team treats and teaches where it is needed!

P.S. DORRA has prepared for you an original gift - the third charity CD full of fairy tales, rhymes and songs "To Indonesia not just for a fairy tale". Czech children can become acquainted with magical Indonesia - and children from Lombok, thanks to the yield from the CD DORRA, will provide good health care and education in health science. The past two CDs by Petra Lazaková for UNICEF and ADRA have brought nearly a million crowns and helped many people in Africa and Syria. Help the DORRA team to continue helping to people of Lombok meaningfully - and buy the unique CD! Have fun and help at the same time!

Situation on Lombok island:

Health care for the poorest people is extremely lacking in Lombok. The best standard of health care (though far from European standards) is available in the city of Praya, a 30-minute drive from Kuta, but only a small fraction of the population can afford it. Most of the island's inhabitants visit puskesmas, which are small health centres with only the most basic equipment. However, medical services provided by puskesmas are still very expensive for the community that we support. Its members have no choice but to resort to local traditional healers. These healers generally practice for free, but much of their success can be attributed to the placebo effect.

Over time, the Kintari has built up a team of local co-workers with excellent organizational skills. The chief of DORRA - doctor Dalibor Stoszek - and the main coordinator of DORRA - Petra Lazáková - payed a few visits in schools of Kintari (co-working Czech NGO) on Lombok. The DORRA team became convinced that local coordinators from Kintari can provide the medical team with necessary organisational support. Their assistance would consist mainly of arranging transport around the island, taking care of imported equipment and medicines, and organizing patients. The spectrum of illnesses and health problems suffered by local people is largely the same as the illnesses and health problems which DORRA doctors treated during their last missions in the Sub-Saharan Africa.

Local children suffer from a variety of skin and infectious diseases, and gastrointestinal infections because of insufficient hygiene and unsafe water. Apart from infectious diseases, the adults are mostly at risk of uncontrolled high blood pressure and diabetes. Many locals suffer only because bad or none treatment of old injuries made by motorbike accidents.

The non-governmental organisation DORRA is composed of volunteers, doctors of many specializations (general practitioners, paediatricians, anaesthesiologists, surgeons ...) and nurses who have repeatedly, in their free time and using their own funds, helped in many African countries (Kenya, Ethiopia, Malawi, Zambia).

How DORRA can help in Lombok:

We can bring not only the necessary health equipment and medicines, but above all our know-how, which we always seek to share with local people in order to ensure the continuity of the health care provided during our absence.

We want to cooperate closely with the Czech teachers, who are present on Lombok the whole year. They will then share their knowledge and teach children the right hygiene and nutrition care.

The DORRA team also teach Medical science in schools - children are taught how to deal with small injuries, how to keep their hands clean etc. They are losing fear of doctors and hospitals by doing role plays "at the hospital". Local children are also very much motivated to learn more about medical treatment and are more eager to speak English in our classes.

What DORRA will bring to Lombok - in short:

  • Medical treatment and know-how
  • Medical material and medicine
  • Medical education for children
  • Continuing help to self-help
What we need: We would greatly appreciate any financial support to help cover the necessary costs of our mission, which are mainly related to transport around the island (scooters), and the rental of suitable premises for our work and the work of local medical staff in our absence. However, we would also welcome any other support, which would help make our work easier. In exchange, we can offer sponsors publicity at our events, in printed media and on Czech Radio. Sponsor representatives can also take part in our missions.

Contact persons:

Petra Lazáková (DORRA project and media coordinator and Czech Radio editor) - Email:, Tel: +420 720 549 867,

MUDr. Dalibor Stoszek (DORRA managing director and doctor) - Email:, Tel: +420 773 173 021

Dear English speaking supporters,

we are very sorry we don´t have prepared the whole English version of DORRA web for you. We are doing very hard on our project in Lombok that we haven´t had enought time for the English translation sofar.

Please, download the English presentation of DORRA bellow! Hopefully, in a few months we will have more details about DORRA in English for you :-)

DORRA heals and teaches where it is needed! Right now in Indonesia!

Bank account of DORRA, o.p.s. : 4125580369/0800